Uralneftegaz diagnostics has a staff of experts who will provide high level of work performance. All works are performed on own site of servicing and repair, with use of original and high-quality spare parts and use of the professional equipment that allows to achieve quality in short terms.


The services provided by our company:


  • Overhaul and maintenance repair;
  • Reconstruction and re-equipment;
  • Servicing and post-guarantee maintenance;
  • Safety devices





URALNEFTEGAZ DIAGNOSTICS has permission of RosTekhNadzor for application of the welding technologies certified by NAKS. Quality control of works on welding is made by own laboratory of nondestructive inspection.


Repair of mobile lifting machine (motor cranes of car lifts, elevated work platform, fire aerial ladders, loader cranes, etc. equipment) is made on the territory of production base of the URALNEFTEGAZ DIAGNOSTICS company. We perform repair of permanent-type lifting machines (bridge, column, full gantry cranes, crane way) on the customer territory.


Uralneftegaz diagnostics provides the wide list of services:


  • repair of mechanical engineering assemblies and aggregates (slewing reducers, hoisting winches, crane brakes, load ropes, different assemblies, etc.);
  • replacement of the import hydraulic equipment by analogs of the Russian production; alignment, repair of crane ways on bridge cranes;
  • dismantling of the main assemblies and units,
  • repair, modernization of the hydraulic equipment
  • repair of all worn-out crane elements,
  • repair of crane,
  • static and dynamic tests performance,
  • safety valves installing;
  • adjustment of safety devices; repair of electric equipment
  • execution of technical documentation.




URALNEFTEGAZ DIAGNOSTICS provides a complex of services in reconstruction and re-equipment of load-lifting machines. Our company has approved itself as the reliable partner which satisfies the taken obligations at any moment. The reconstruction and re-equipment of load-lifting machines, executed by our experts, are the investments in quality of equipment which are always compensated.


For regular functioning the load-lifting machines need periodic reconstruction and system upgrade. In time crane re-equipment gives notable advantages:


  • increase in life time of the equipment
  • decrease in operational expenses
  • increase of exploitation reliability


Reconstruction of load-lifting equipment allows to considerably increase reliability of the equipment. The list of cranes reconstruction operations includes:


  • inter space reduction
  • replacement of DC motor by AC motor
  • change of travel speed
  • change of lifting speed


Modernization of the load-lifting equipment provides upgrading in crane feed and control systems. We perform the following:


  • switch of the load-lifting equipment to enclosed trolls;
  • switch of crane to floor control;
  • switch of the crane to radio control.





  • Inspection and control of metal structure of load-lifting machines.
  • Identification and elimination of errors of the hydraulic equipment.
  • Inspection of mechanical assemblies and crane units.
  • Functional test of operability of devices and safety controls.
  • Testing operation under control weight;
  • Supervision over load-lifting machines operation


If necessary there is always an opportunity to render services in preparation of demanded documentation for registration of load-lifting machines at RosTekhNadzor.




  • installation of safety devices;
  • repair of safety devices;
  • servicing of safety devices;
  • inspection of anemometers;
  • repair of low-voltage electrical equipment of load-lifting machine;
  • repair of electrical equipment (including power) bridge, full gantry, column cranes;
  • installation of protection devices against approach to power transmission line;
  • equipage of elevators by limit weight restrictor;
  • measuring of isolation and grounding resistance tests;
  • installation of remote radio control by bridge cranes and crane beams;
  • installation of parameter recorders on load-lifting cranes;
  • comparing and interpretation of telemetric information from the recorder of crane operation parameters;
  • guarantee maintenance and repair of safety devices such as ONK-140, ONK-160, OPG-1, OGM-240, PBL-240, AZK-110, etc.


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