Our company renders services on construction of projects for petrochemical and oil-and-gas industry by efforts of the highly skilled professionals, which have wide experience of work on objects of this field, capable of accomplishing construction of projects of any complexity.


The offered services:


  • Construction and reconstruction of linear and industrial pipelines.
  • Construction and reconstruction of areal facilities and complexes of oil-and-gas production
  • Construction and reconstruction of social objects and infrastructure facilities
  • Construction and reconstruction of electric power objects
  • Construction, reconstruction and maintenance overhaul of tanks and tank batteries, with all complexes of constructions and infrastructure, areal facilities, pipelines;
  • Construction of vapour, water, vapour-water boilers working at different types of fuel;
  • Block-modular, roof and stationary boiler rooms of full factory readiness;
  • Gasification of industrial facilities and domestic buildings, performs designing and installation works, coordination in government bodies.
  • Construction and reconstruction of oil pump stations, oil loading stations and bulk plants;
  • Construction of special-purpose facilities (treatment plants, oil metering units, the repair serving stations);
  • Construction of metal structures, corrosion protection;
  • Civil engineering.


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