About company

 Uralneftegaz diagnostics started its career since 2005 and has its prehistory. The company is established by young professionals and based on management ground of Bashneftegasprom, advanced experience and knowledge of Bashkir oil and gas workers.


Uralneftegaz diagnostics is a fast-growth company, which is a reliable broad-ranging supplier for oil, gas and chemical industrial over the years. High quality of rendered service is approved by the leading oil-and-gas and oilfield services company in Russia and abroad.


The basic branch areas of the company are:


  • Industrial safety expert review
  • Diagnostics and control of the equipment, material and welding joints
  • Cleaning, calibration management and in-line inspection (main pipeline, oil-and-gas pipeline and product pipeline)
  • Developing of project and other documentation of capital construction projects
  • Engineering investigation of capital construction projects
  • Construction/installation activities and hook-up and commissioning on oil-and-gas recovery, gas distribution and gas consumption objects.
  • Process flow tests of heat-power equipment
  • Maintenance service, maintenance and total overhaul of hoisting crane, pulling unit, special aggregate and drilling units
  • Production of cleaning scrapers, control systems and piston


High quality commitment of service, customer’s requirements and reliable partnership all this is composed partnership politics of our company. Developing its own business the company counts on the individual approach to handling the most complicated problems. Name of the company is the guarantee for our customers over a number of years. The company recommended itself not only on the territory of Russian federation but also abroad.


452607, г. Октябрьский, а/я 24.

Тел/факс: (34767) 46-000, 46-002